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While the Rutgers Speakers Bureau traditionally arranges in-person engagements with esteemed faculty, the current climate does not support this endeavor. To adapt with the ever-changing times, and in accordance with the university's response to COVID-19, many of our faculty are now offering virtual learning experiences. We recognize that many organizations need to transform their events to an online platform and we remain committed to assisting you as we navigate this new territory together. To select a faculty member for your virtual event, please contact us for assistance or submit your request through our online portal.

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Brian Chu

Key topics: Child and adolescent anxiety and depression, stress and coping in children and teens, school anxiety and school refusal, assessment and detection of anxiety and mood problems in youth, psychological therapy for youth anxiety and depression, including: generalized anxiety disorder, separation anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder, specific phobias, depression and dysthymia in children.

Brian C. Chu, Ph.D., is assistant professor in the Department of Clinical Psychology in the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology and in the Department of Psychology at Rutgers University. He is also director and founder of the Youth Anxiety and Depression Clinic, a university-…
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