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Featured Speaker

Lisa Kaplowitz

Key topics: Empowering Women, Male Allyship, Career Transitioning, Finance 101

“From the Locker Room to the Board Room – How to Channel Your Inner Athlete (even if you never played sports)”
Combining her experiences as an elite athlete, educator, and executive, Lisa will coach you to channel your inner athlete, even if you never played a sport. Women often find themselves maladapting (adapting in a way that proves to be more harmful, than helpful, to them) to rise in corporate America and often lose themselves in the process. We will discuss five common behaviors, how women can stop engaging in them, and what organizations can do to stop encouraging these behaviors in the first place. You will leave feeling powerful, and empowered to take advantage of your full potential.

“Advancing Women by Redistributing the Housework, One Son at a Time”
As highlighted in her recent TEDx, and supported by her further research, Lisa will show how gender equity can start at home, and from a young age. When men are included in women’s initiatives, they are reported to be three times more successful. Learn how men can share in the responsibilities at work and home, and in turn, create workplaces that work for everyone.

“Own that P&L”
Everyone, regardless of level or function, needs to know how to read financial statements and interpret the story they tell about the business. Whether you are leading a profit center, on the management track, or just starting your career, it is important to understand how “what you do” contributes to the financial performance of the company, and ultimately, the success of the overall business. This workshop will demystify finance and break down the basics. You will gain a better understanding of the key drivers of profit, as well as how to convert that profit into cash.

“Getting Buy-In and Resources”
You may be the CEO, just starting your career, or somewhere in between. You have work that needs to get done, and that often requires resources beyond yourself. Often, we need to be creative...and persistent. Learn how to determine what you need, make “the ask” and ultimately get the budget, staffing, and overall resources you require to reach the goal.

Lisa Kaplowitz is the Co-founder and Executive Director of the Rutgers Center for Women in Business, and associate professor of finance at Rutgers Business School, where she leverages 25+ years of experience as an investment banker and CFO. Lisa is also a restless champion for gender equality…
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